Interlude Spa

Pillossage? What is that?
​​Pillossage & Thermal Therapy is a groundbreaking modality that combines hands-on techniques with specifically designed thermal flax pillows.  These innovative protocols deepen the therapeutic effect. These skills will help the therapist slowly and gently work through layers of soft tissue to reach deeper layers as needed. Warmed flax seed pillows will be used to assist tissues to respond and gently change...without pain... and focus on the 'sweet relief' without pain and guarding. The goal is to create increased relaxation and sense of safety during the therapy session. 

Don't like heat?
No problem! Our golden flax seed pillows can be chilled, too! 

Love them so much, you want one to take home or gift to someone else? We have pain packs, small bolsters (great for the neck!), Cuddle Critters (Toby Turtle, Freddy Fish and Lily Ladybug) and Cuddle Sports Pillows (Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball) available for purchase on our retail shelf! (Tax included)

Cuddle Sports Ball- $32
Cuddle Critter- $35
Small Bolster- $35
Pain Pack- $45

You'll be amazed how fantastic these handmade specialty pillows feel!