Interlude Spa

Pamela Ekizian


Sugaring can be performed on all areas of the body including eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, arms, chest, stomach, back, and the bikini line.
The application of a sugary paste is straight forward. The paste is warmed to room temperature and then applied thinly to the skin using a spatula in the direction of the hair growth.

​This method of removing hair usually lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. Repeated sugaring treatments will often weaken the hair follicle, making it easier to remove hairs over time.

After sugaring the new hair that grows back are soft and fine.
Besides removing unwanted body hairs, sugaring also rejuvenates skin and removes dead skin cells.

​​​Half face-$25
Full face-$40
​Upper lip-$10
Full arms-$45
Under arm-$20
​Lower legs-$50
​Upper legs-$45
Full leg-$90
​Bikini line-$30