Interlude Spa


   Waxing is considered to be the most effective method for removing unwanted hairs from practically any part of the body. Waxing is the epilation method which ensures complete removal of hair shafts from underneath surface of the skin.

 After waxing the new hair that grows back are soft and fine. The other advantage of waxing is that it does not causes ugly stubble which is usually associated with shaving.
 Besides removing unwanted body hairs waxing also rejuvenate skin and removes dead skin cells. So it can be said that indirectly it serves the function of skin exfoliation.
 Repeated and regular waxing diminishes hair growth. Gradually you will observe sparse and scanty hair growth which might even lead to complete cessation of hair growth

Pamela Ekizian


Lip Wax-$5
Chin Wax-$7
Brow Wax-$10
Face Wax-$20
Arm Wax-$30
Underarm Wax-$18
Leg Wax-$40
Bikini Wax-$40
Back/Chest Wax-$65